Diode Laser Excellence

A true painless experience with Laser Hair Removal.

Technology is always advancing in Aesthetic Treatments and in Laser Hair Removal the very latest in true diode technology is the incorporation of different wavelenghts of laser into a single shot.

The advantages of this is that you are able to treat more skin types with a single laser.

Our laser incorporates 3 different wavelengths in a single platform, namely Alexandrite (768nm), Diode (808nm) and Nd-yag (1064nm).

All three of these wavelengths have been clinically proven to the best for Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.

Our laser shoots from an ice-cooled tip which creates both comfort, but also safety. The cooling tip also reduces any chance of burning and scalding the skin and unlike IPL, these lasers produce less heat.

One of the fastest lasers of its kind, it requires only 6 – 10 passes of each area to deliver exceptional results.

It is the least painful laser we have ever used.

Simple, Painless and affordable. Everything Laser Hair Removal should be.